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Testimonials supplied to Spire Hospitals

Spire Southampton Feedback 2022-23

May 2022: ‘I have lots of confidence in him and in the advice he gave. I felt he listened to my thoughts and fed this into the treatment advice.’

May 2022: ‘A very caring person’

May 2022: ‘Mr Jowett was very clear about what was needed. I liked that his approach to treatment wasn’t to immediately recommend surgery. He ordered diagnostic tests after which we discussed the implications of surgery vs. not going with surgery. Everything he did he was clear’

April 2022: ‘Mr Jowett was very professional throughout the whole process, I have a heart condition that made the anaesthesia part of the process a bit more challenging than normal, but he kept me informed throughout’

April 2022: ‘Very professional and helpful and managed to reassure me that all would be well after the issues I experienced at pre-assessment.’

January 2022: ‘Mr Jowett is extremely knowledgeable in his field, is understanding and compassionate. I would have no hesitation in recommending him

Spire Portsmouth Feedback 2022-23

May 2022: ‘Mr Jowett explained the issues and options regarding my medical problem. He provided options and answered any questions I had time and again. He made me feel I was in very safe hands during the operation and I would recommend Mr Jowett to family and friends if they needed medical treatment within his area of expertise.’

May 2022: ‘Both (consultants Mr Jowett and Miss Fraser) were outstanding and working together as they did on procedure to save me having to have 2 separate surgeries. So definitely have the patient’s best interest at heart and saving money’.

April 2022: ‘Dr Jowett, given his workload and practical skills, has always been so attentive and calm out of surgery. I have always been very impressed’.

‘Mr Jowett was brilliant. Personable and attentive. Explained my options fully and I was under no pressure to continue if it was not right for me. I felt in very safe hands’.

November 2022: ‘Mr Jowett was at all times clear on what the operation involved and what the outcomes might be. He showed me on a skeleton what treatment would happen. You has a reassuring, confident manner and, having previously had a foot operation performed by him, I was reassured that all would go well. He saw me in theatre in the morning of the operation and again in the afternoon, and evening and finally on the following morning when I went home. I was greatly reassured that he was monitoring my progress on a very regular basis.’

November 2022: ‘Mr Jowett explained everything clearly and succinctly, allowed time for questions and reassurance.’

October 2022: ‘He fully explained the procedure in a manner understood, I believe he would adapt accordingly to the situation.’

September 2022: ‘He has always been very frank about his recommendations and confirmed everything in writing. I have complete confidence in his abilities to carry out any surgery that I may require.’

September 2022: ‘Mr Jowett active professionally and sympathetically at all times. He was available for postop discussion and feedback. He had obviously discussed my case with the whole medical team as they were very knowledgeable and considerate throughout my stay.’

‘Mr Jowett has been helpful and informative throughout my treatment and has always given me enough time with him without having felt rushed.’

‘Mr Jowett has provided a first class service since my first appointment with him. I have complete confidence that, once recovered, the operation will prove to be a full success and I will no longer experience any pain in my foot.’

Testimonials left on Amplitude Surgical Outcome Website

Comments left by patients between 01 Mar 2022 and 20 Feb 2023

‘Great surgeon and very helpfull and understanding’

‘Very caring.Explains exactly the operation and aftercare’

‘I had total confidence in MrJowett. He listened to me.’

‘Mr Jowett was highly recommended to me by my GP practice. 1 have been very happy with his treatment of my case so far.’

‘Mr Jowett has been very attentive and checked my foot after the operation and follow ups.’

‘I am very happy with the treatment I have received so far.’

‘Very happy with the outcome’

‘Knowledgeable and caring attitude with good level of experience.’

‘I felt completely confident in MrJowett. At every meeting I felt we were goingat the right pace. I guess it also helps that 1 was able to choose him from the Spire Hospital website.’

‘Exceptionally helpful and informative about the options that were available to me,and helped talk them through to reach a decision of what would be best for me. The operation has been extremely successful and the after care has been really helpful.’

‘I always completely trusted MrJowett from the first meeting. He seems both kind and competent, which are really the two things one hopes for from a doctor. And the wound has healed beautifully and I seem to be well on the way to recovery.’

‘First rate surgeon who listened to me and found out about my lifestyle.’

‘Having had previous foot surgery with Mr JowettIhad every confidence in repeating this for my other foot. I find him to be highly professional approachable and pleasant and manner what ultimately extremely skilled and researched in the treatment that he performs. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends or family’

‘Billy has removed both bunions on both feet.One in 2013 on September 2021.Both have been successful with pain only lasting a few days. Swelling took a while to go down, butI was still able to walk and get back to the gym after eight weeks. Walking was easy as I bought a pair of trainers one size too big soI was able to get my foot into the trainer’

‘Very pleased with treatment plan. Have been kept informed with detailed information at each stage during treatment.’

‘Consultant very informative and caring, listens!’

‘Mr Jowett is brilliant and takes great care to make sure everything about the procedure is

‘Pleasant, professional and informative throughout.’

‘Exceptionally helpful and informative about the options that were available to me,and helped talk them through to reach a decision of what would be best for me. The operation has been extremely successful and the after care has been really helpful.’

‘Great surgeon and very helpfull and understanding’

‘Mr Jowett has been very attentive and checked my foot after the operation and follow ups.’

‘Very caring. Explains exactly the operation and aftercare’

‘Very pleased with treatment plan.Have been kept informed with detailed information at each stage during treatment.’

‘Mr Jowett is brilliant and takes great care to make sure everything about the procedure is

‘Knowledgeable and caring attitude with goodlevel of experience.’

Testimonials from Spire patients, 2019 – 2022.

“I found Mr Jowett professional,caring and attentive.”

“He was very understanding and clearly explained my options and possible outcomes. Whether the operation has worked or not is still open to debate as I am currently not weight bearing for two weeks.”

“Very clear explanations. Caring and interested manner. I would happily recommend.”

“Very professional, friendly, informative and took time to explain everything in detail.”

“I thought I would share with him [Mr Jowett] my Fitbit stats as he has given me my life back! I’m now walking at least 3 miles a day on average, usually first thing in the morning, and I love it… I am making the most of his work on me!”

“In 2018 Mr Jowett did a complicated procedure of my left ankle involving firstly re-aligning the heel and then fitting a new ankle. This has been totally successful. I have no pain, regularly play18 holes of golf, walk my dog and even wear slightly more stylish shoes!”

“I would like to thank Mr Jowett for his expertise and professionalism.”

“Took time and patience to explain.”

“Polite, professional and thorough with his decision making and treatment plans.”

“Mr Jowett was very helpful and supportive.”

“From the first moment I met with him, I felt listened to. He understood my condition and respected my previous knowledge. His expertise was very evident and put me at ease.”

“Couldn’t ask for better.”

“He understood my foot problem and explained in detail what he needed to do to in prove it.”

“Mr B Jowett was excellent, very calm and supportive and explained everything about the procedure.”

“My consultant and anaesthetics were very informative, caring and made me feel at ease.”

“Mr Jowett explained everything very clearly and his team contacted me as appropriate regarding my treatment.”

“Mr Jowlett was very good, he explained what was wrong and how it would be dealt with, the time needed for healing, etcetera. He made me feel at ease and confident in his ability to help me. The anaesthetist was also very good, he understood I was anxious and put my mind at rest. All the staff were brilliant.”

“He knew what was needed, advised me of my options and delivered what I needed.”

“He made me feel I could put my problems in his care and confidently feel he knew how to help me.”

“Very pleased with entire experience. Great communication.”

“He’s a star. Not one of those aloof I’m so full of self-importance types. He is highly knowledgeable, takes pride in his work and is 100% concerned about how you are feeling. He is clearly much loved by the people who work alongside him which is very telling.”

“My consultant has an excellent manner. He explained everything in a way that I understood. I felt completely at ease, overall very happy.”

“Very helpful and reassuring. He was excellent at his job.”

“Mr Jowett is amazing with the time he spends with his patients. He is the most approachable consultant I have ever had dealings with.”

“Was very understanding about me being nervous and accommodated my needs at every point. Will definitely recommend his services.”

“Extremely helpful, particularly with dealing with complications of coming from the Channel Islands, difficulties in travel, etcetera. I felt that all queries I raised were fully answered, and was not made to feel that I was wasting Mr Jowett’s time. His secretaries have been extremely helpful with communications and ensuring that appointments fitted in with travel times. The follow-up to check all was okay, from both the secretary and ward staff, was unexpected, but much appreciated.”

“I felt very informed along the way and in capable hands.”

“Mr Jowett has dealt with my neuroma in a very positive way from the start. He explained to me what the surgery would entail and that the outcome should hopefully be a successful conclusion.”

“I liked him very much – he was very friendly but also totally professional and confidence giving. I felt I was given exactly the right amount of detail to understand what was going on and my options.”

Amplitude outcomes

See below the change in Manchester Oxford Scores after surgery by Mr Jowett between 2008 and 2023. A negative score is what we aim for and indicates an improvement in symptoms, the worst score possible is 100 and 0 is perfect so most people are likely to have a score before surgery of in excess of 50 and given there are 28 bones in the foot and therefore many joints, ligaments and tendons it is unlikely that anyone is going to score 0.